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*** Szweda FCI "L" litter, we are planning 2016?***


WANA MUNENI OF Szweda FCI X xxxxxxxx,


Our next breedings litter are planned for summer-autumn with puppies ready to go to new homes in  ??????.
If you would like to purchase from these litters, please contact us via email.
We need to know your preferences regarding sex, color (nose and coat) as well as quality (show or pet.)
Prices are as follows: 
·         Pet quality (usually minor aesthetics) € 800 
·         Show quality € 1000
·         Exceptional show (pick of litter) € 1200.
Domestic shipping by air is available if needed.  Airline charges, health certificate fee, and cost of crate will be additional.

When shipping out of the country I will need to know the import requirements of the country in which you reside.  In addition, FCI foreign show requirement of full dentition cannot be guaranteed.  While many of our dogs comply some do not.  This cannot be determined in a small puppy and it must be remembered that it is not a Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard requirement.